EXCITE! Your Snacktime Brochure
  • EXCITE! Your Snacktime Brochure
  • EXCITE! Your Snacktime Brochure
  • EXCITE! Your Snacktime Brochure
  • EXCITE! Your Snacktime Brochure
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No Minimum Order Required!
1 prize point for every 10 items sold
Selling Price $7.00
Your Profit $3.50
Suggested Order 10 items per person selling
100 Items $350.00
200 Items $700.00
400 Items $1400.00
800 Items $2800.00
Includes 21 Outstanding quality products. Call today for a sample brochure at no charge!
Pay for only what you sell.
Selling Price $7.00 each
Profit $3.50 Each

EXCITE! Your Snacktime Brochure


Gourmet snacks and candies with great taste, quality, and price! The snack brochure offers 21 outstanding products for your customer to choose from and you will earn 50% profit from each item you sell. Once you receive your snack fundraiser brochures for snack fundraising, give one to each person selling, and have them record their pre-sales. To order your brochures enter the total number of persons selling into the "Enter Number of Items to order" box and click on the red "Add to Cart" button.

The end of year deadline for orders for items from the Excite Your Snacktime brochure is April 5, 2014. No orders will be accepted after this date.

Start a smart fundraiser with a trusted company. We have raised thousands of dollars for many organizations over the past four decades! Snack and candy fundraisers are fun, and easy. Our customer service team will provide you with everything you need to have a successful snack and candy fundraiser! Start earning profit for your group by adding the number of cases you would like to sell to your cart. There is no minimum order required for any of our snack or candy fundraisers. We provide you with free product that you may sell to cover your shipping costs. We want you to make the most profit possible with your snack and candy fundraiser. Most orders leave our warehouse within 24 hours; you can start your fundraiser fast! Your group will earn more than profit; you will also earn prize points with this case that you may cash in for a free prize of your choice! You may shop the prizes within our prize page that can be found under Accounts at the bottom of the screen. Prize points can be accumulated and saved for two years.